Shadows of War

WORLD WAR 2 in the Asia-Pacific still casts many shadows. The shadows fall on the lives of Australian ex-POWs, soldiers and their families. Veterans are aged but recall horrors under Japanese Imperial Forces as fresh as yesterday. Dark, too, are the shadows cast on civilians trapped in the conflict – innocents who suffered through starvation, forced labour and prostitution.

Against this is the determination by reactionary Japanese powerbrokers to obliterate this history by rewriting school textbooks so post-war Japanese remain ignorant of their war history.

This book presents the deepest and innermost thoughts drawn from some 200 interviews and responses with Australian veterans. Critically all tell of what they think of the Japanese now. This is their record in their own words.

August 2005, 248 pp
Paperback, 210 x 138 mm
Non-Fiction, 1st Edition,
RRP $27.95ISBN: 1 92078713 5
ISBN-13: 9781920787011

The Authors
Ryoko Adachi has long experience as a journalist and author. As a foreign correspondent in Australia she has written for Japanese media including The Japan Times and Nichigo Press. She authored My Australia – Australia Through A Woman’s Eyes and translated Full Fathom Five by Mary Albertus – both published in Japan. Her weekly program, ‘Ryoko’s Letter From Australia’ was broadcast for years on Radio Australia.

Andrew McKay is a veteran journalist, working as a columnist in the Canberra Press Gallery, then as a foreign correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald in London. He worked for Murdoch publications in New York as the first Australian journalist on the New York Post and then covered North and South America for the News Ltd Bureau. Returning to Australia he became News Editor and then Victorian Editor of The Australian. Andrew has written numerous non-fiction books and TV scripts.

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