Taking A Fool to Paradise

Henry Ditassio is a repressed clerk living a claustrophobic life. His repetitive compulsive existence at A.G. Muir’s office has left no room for prospect until he meets bored narcissistic manipulative Arb Ginghus whose obsession with Henry can only explode in a kind of madness.

In this story of mad imagination & taut relationships Kirwan puts popular wisdom and our concepts of time on its head. As Arb Ginghus says, “If there is one thing I despise it is common sense for it will teach you nothing that is worth knowing; it is the obscure, the impractical, the impulsive which tells you what is what.”

Kirwan’s mordant wit takes us on a journey where recollection and perception become confused, strangely echoing our own lives.

A beautifully crafted, disarming novel.

For readers who like psychological thrillers, dark fantasy, a surrealist take on life.

December 2004, 160 pp
Paperback, 210 x 138 mm
ISBN 1 92078706 2
Literary fiction, 1st edition
RRP $aud 23-95
ISBN-13 978

The Author
For twenty years since the mid-seventies, Valerie Kirwan was something of a legend in Melbourne theatre, writing, directing and performing plays which challenged and enchanted her audiences.

More recently, Valerie is writing novellas and short stories in which she tests her characters against the subconscious stresses that exist below the surface of our outwardly normal, everyday world. Through intrigue, suspense, and more than a little sardonic humour, Valerie challenges us to join in her psychological dramas.

Valerie’s published books
Taking A Fool to Paradise (Indra 2004)
Lovers and Losers of the Last Century (Indra 2001)
The Disease of the Silkworm (Hornets Nest 2000)
The Moon is Bloodshot (Hornets Nest 1999)
The Will to Fall (Penguin 1984)

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