True Stories of the Top End

nullTrue stories from the Northern Territory, not all of which found their way into the press of the time. From the humorous to the harrowing, including:

A crocodile trapper releases his catch in the local pub, just for a bit of a laugh.
Survivors are rescued from the wreckage of their homes in the aftermath of Cyclone Tracy.
Seven year old Nora Brown is kidnapped from her white foster family and returned to tribal land.
Hundreds of letters from armchair lawyers pass judgement on the infamous Chamberlain case.
And an incredible flight from colonial justice makes a folk hero of Nemarluk, the indigenous guerrilla warrior.

Paperback, 210 x 138 mm
Non-Fiction: 200pp;1st Edition
ISBN: 192078707 0
RRP $aud23.95
ISBN(13): 9781920787073

The Author
Ken White is a senior journalist with wide experience in Northern Australia and the neighbouring region. He worked in Darwin during the 1970s and 1980s, covering some of the most significant events in recent Australian history.

This is Ken’s second book to come out of his many years in Darwin. In it he reviews Northern Territory news-making events from very local humorous stories to events like Cyclone Tracy which generated nationwide, indeed worldwide, interest. Several of the stories in this collection provide previously unpublished background material on significant events in the Territory. Ken’s first book published by Indra is Criado: A Story of East Timor

Following his time in Darwin, Ken moved to Adelaide, and now lives in Melbourne.

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