Yoga, Meditation and the Guru

This attractively illustrated book introduces yoga as we in the West generally discover it, and leads us into a deeper knowledge of this method of self awareness.

Yoga, Meditation and the Guru is a journey through yoga from the yoga schools of Australia to the ancient origins in the Indus River Valley, 4,500 years ago. The development of yoga in the ancient texts and practices of India is interwoven with its migration to the West.

Dr Bilimoria takes the reader through the therapeutic aspects of yoga to the philosophical traditions in India. He completes the work with a critical review of yoga as practised in Western society generally, but with emphasis on the Australian experience.

The introduction to the therapeutic value and ethical considerations of yoga bring the reader to the search for a guru, where Dr Bilimoria offers his advice concerning some precautions to take, to avoid questionable practicioners.

Dec 1989 95pp
Paperback, 215 x 138 mm
ISBN 0 9587718 2 0
RRP $aud 14.95

The Author, Dr Purusottama Bilimoria, was educated in New Zealand and Australia and spent some time in India and USA, where he combined research and teaching. He has published in the areas of Indian philosophy, ethics, and comparative religions. His current research interests include post-colonial theory, on which he lectures in Bangalore, India and Melbourne, Australia. 

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