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Dewi Anggraeni’s Breaking the Stereotype: Chinese Indonesian women tell their stories

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Dewi Anggraeni’s third non-fiction book, Breaking the Sterotype: Chinese Indonesian women tell their stories, is published by Indra Publishing, and will be launched in Melbourne on 10 November 2010.

The Indonesian version of the book, Mereka Bilang Aku Cina: Jalan mendaki menjadi bagian Bangsa, is published by Bentang Pustaka, Yogyakarta, and was launched in Jakarta on 20 October 2010.

In his foreword to the English version, Associate Professor (Emeritus) Dr Charles A. Coppel, the University of Melbourne, states that:

Breaking the Stereotype … marks [Dewi’s] first venture into biography, but we already know from the sub-title (‘Chinese Indonesian women tell their stories’) that this is another form of storytelling.

These are the stories of Chinese Indonesian women … [who] remained in Indonesia through the longue durée of the Suharto New Order with its discrimination against ethnic Chinese, suppression of public expression of Chineseness, and outbreaks of anti-Chinese violence.

Underlying and feeding into these phenomena were negative stereotypes of the ethnic Chinese. … In telling the stories of these Chinese Indonesian women, Dewi shows us something of the variety of their experience. In so doing, she is deliberately seeking to break the negative stereotype of the ethnic Chinese and to allow us to see these individuals in the context of their Chinese ethnicity and in their full humanity.

ISBN  9781920787196


pb  210 x 138 mm

240 pp

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Catherine Hoffmann’s ‘Across the Burning’

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Catherine Hoffmann’s novel, Across the Burning, was released by Indra in October 2010.

Across the Burning is the second novel of the Lia Mendez trilogy, an epic which spans three generations of the Mendez-Kremzier and Heiman families, the paths of their lives intersected by the conflicts and changes which shaped Central Europe in the first half of the twentieth century.

Once enthralled by the grand vistas of travel, Frederic returns to Hungary as Europe is about to burst into the fire of World War II. He, a sharp and worldly non-believer, returns to Rudi Wolf, his soul friend, to Lia Mendez, his only love – his two Jewish friends now married, but still welcoming him as part of their life. With passion and loyalty to each other the three friends face the Nazi occupation.

A story of sensibility and identity, of exile, abandonment and returning to yourself.

Of Exile and Yearning, the first book of the trilogy, was released in September 2009.

ISBN   9781920787189

Literary fiction

pb  234 x 150 mm

290 pp

$29.95 rrp

Special Offer: In Australia, a personal order for one copy with postage included costs $30.00.