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“Wolf & Stone, Tree & Dove” Sequel to the Lia Mendez trilogy

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

sc00057a12wstd-1The sequel to the Lia Mendez trilogy, Catherine Hoffmann’s Wolf & Stone, Tree & Dove is now available as an ebook.

For Lia, Frederic and their daughters beginning a new life in Australia, the shock of the new looms large. Lia’s strength supports her family as Frederic struggles to make sense of their antipodean land. As Regan and Merci set out to find their place, no one could foretell the journeys on which they are embarking.

Available from Amazon at $(US)4.99, and at equivalent price from all Amazon’s national websites.

“Paradise – One shot”

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

cover-art-italicCatherine Hoffmann’s 60s-style hip young adult novel, Paradise – One Shot  has been launched as an ebook, available from Amazon.

Just what is Lou’s problem? She acts so cool, belligerently cool – but it’s not for real. Under her hip speak bravado, Lou hides a massive insecurity which keeps her on the outside, never really one of the group. She shared her dreams with her only close friend, Aurora; but Aurora died just after school finished … or did she?

Working as an assistant in a municipal library, Lou is just whiling away her life until the beautiful Mark walks in; he’s young, perhaps much too young, but he’s beautiful – strong, athletic, and definitely interested in her.

How does that relationship go? And will Lou succeed in her one shot at the paradise she yearns for?

From Amazon Kindle at $(US)2.99 or the equivalent price through Amazon’s national websites.