“Paradise – One shot”

cover-art-italicCatherine Hoffmann’s 60s-style hip young adult novel, Paradise – One Shot  has been launched as an ebook, available from Amazon.

Just what is Lou’s problem? She acts so cool, belligerently cool – but it’s not for real. Under her hip speak bravado, Lou hides a massive insecurity which keeps her on the outside, never really one of the group. She shared her dreams with her only close friend, Aurora; but Aurora died just after school finished … or did she?

Working as an assistant in a municipal library, Lou is just whiling away her life until the beautiful Mark walks in; he’s young, perhaps much too young, but he’s beautiful – strong, athletic, and definitely interested in her.

How does that relationship go? And will Lou succeed in her one shot at the paradise she yearns for?

From Amazon Kindle at $(US)2.99 or the equivalent price through Amazon’s national websites.

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