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Review – Dessi’s Romance

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Dessi’s Romance by Goldie Alexander

Ebook available from Amazon Kindle $(US)3.99


‘What is the best way to punish a so-called “close friend”?’

Emma and Dessi have been best friends forever, as have their mothers. Nothing comes between them until ‘schoolies week’ when ‘love’ hits Dessi for the first time – then disaster! All the problems and worries of the end of Year 12 are here: jobs (Emma works in ‘the supermarket-from-hell’), results, tertiary applications and ‘schoolies week’ at Surfers. But alas, poor Dessi has also just acquired a badly broken ankle.

This is a teen romance told in two alternating voices. Emma is the artistic one, and she’s sure her folio from Year 12 Art will get her into a course she’ll love – or she hopes so. She spends quite a bit of time throughout the story sketching her environs, or thinking how she could mix a particular colour she encounters (especially, it must be said, among her friends’ faces, who are going right over the top with alcohol and drugs, in celebrating schoolies week.)

Dessi is the literary one. She writes flawless poetry. This is one of the strengths of the book – unlike many stories in which a young person is a poet of some renown, but the poetry is very weak – here the short simple free verse poems are a delight.

Love is a leach, a bloodsucking vampire

whose sole aim is to turn you into a babbling idiot

with sightless eyes, deaf ears, and helpless limbs.

The story is a powerful picture of people at the end of their school years and the beginning of their lives in romance, work and tertiary study. It is gripping reading, as the relationships get more and more complicated, and we yearn for their resolution.

Virginia Lowe

Goldie Alexander’s New ebook – Dessi’s Romance

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Goldie Alexander adds to her already large collection of books for young adults with the new ebook, Dessi’s Romance. Emma asks her best friend, Dessi, to visit her boyfriend, Abdul, while she’s away at Schoolies’ Week in Surfers. Maybe not the best move, but staying home in Melbourne turned out okay for Dessi. And Emma wasn’t really lonely in Surfers!   Dessi’s Romance is now available on Amazon’s Kindle.

Review – Worm in the Bud

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

June Duncan Owen, Worm in the Bud, Indra Publishing, $(US)20.95

In The Midwest Book Review; Reviewer Carol Volk

Worm in the Bud, by June Duncan Owen is an engaging tale of a man called Lewis, and his peculiar despondence from his beloved wife and family upon approach of their wedding anniversary. Vividly granting the reader a superb perspective from the emotionally deprived on behalf of Lewis’ long suffering wife, Worm in the Bud details an incredible creative progression from first page to last as the reader feels more empathy, more truth in the personalities of the characters.

Documenting the storytelling talent and originality of author, June Duncan Owen, Worm in the Bud is very highly recommended reading, particular those who favor a mildly thrilling mystery for its intuitive and eccentric style and its unique story.    

Worm in the Bud

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

nullWhile Rose was looking forward to celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary, her husband, Lewis, remained cold and detached, his manner increasingly distant from the entire family. Rose knew that Lewis carried his wartime experiences deep within – experiences he chose not to share. But there always seemed to be an even deeper secret, something more personal.

The opening chapter fills the reader with a sense of foreboding that is not softened by the excellent and evocative imagery throughout this novel of a family farming in southern Tasmania in the 1960s.

Worm in the Bud – set in the farmlands of southern Tasmania.

Fiction – Romance: 1st Edition
Paperback, 296pp
ISBN: 1 92078712 7; 210 x 138 mm
RRp: $aud26.95
ISBN(13): 9781920787127

The Author see also: The Missing Wife
June Duncan Owen’s training and experience in history (MA from Sydney University), social work (University of Adelaide), teaching and farming inform her writing. Her previous book, The Missing Wife, was well received by readers throughout Australia.

June’s published works include
The Missing Wife, Indra Publishing 2004
Mixed Matches: Interracial Marriage in Australia, University of New South Wales Press, 2002
Writing and Selling Articles (Australian/New Zealand Guide), Hale & Iremonger, 1997
How to Write and Sell Articles, Penguin Books, 1992
The Heart of the City, Kangaroo Press, 1987.