Review – Shadows of War

In Australian veterans’ magazine, Mufti, December 2007
Review by J R Bartram
Shadows of War, by Ryoko Adachi and Andrew McKay $(AU)27.95

This soft covered book of 250 pages is a genuine record of face-to-face interviews and thoughts of ex-POWs, loved ones and Veterans. The authors, both senior journalists (the former a Japanese), interviewed some 40 people who knew personally of events in fighting the Japanese in WWII and have direct contact with another 100. Some never thought they would tolerate having a Japanese in their homes – they will never forget or forgive the atrocities of the Japs.

The contrasting views are understandable and highlight the thought that the Japanese are still fighting the 100 year war – conquering by economic means – and some examples certainly make one think! Others spell out their hate with convincing reasoning. The lack of a formal apology to Australia will keep grievances alive.


As the Japanese keep dragging their feet on coming to terms with the terrors against Australia in the 1940s, such books can only assist in educating the young – both Japanese and Australian. An excellent read – buy a copy for the teenagers!