Review – Worm in the Bud

June Duncan Owen, Worm in the Bud, Indra Publishing, $(US)20.95

In The Midwest Book Review; Reviewer Carol Volk

Worm in the Bud, by June Duncan Owen is an engaging tale of a man called Lewis, and his peculiar despondence from his beloved wife and family upon approach of their wedding anniversary. Vividly granting the reader a superb perspective from the emotionally deprived on behalf of Lewis’ long suffering wife, Worm in the Bud details an incredible creative progression from first page to last as the reader feels more empathy, more truth in the personalities of the characters.

Documenting the storytelling talent and originality of author, June Duncan Owen, Worm in the Bud is very highly recommended reading, particular those who favor a mildly thrilling mystery for its intuitive and eccentric style and its unique story.